About Us


Omni Point Consulting Corporation is a career and educational consulting agency, duly registered with the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC), and licensed to operate in the Ortigas Business District in the City of Pasig, Metro Manila. Our vision is the educational advancement of students in the Philippines, achieved through our array of client-oriented services, including internships, training and work & travel in the USA, Spain and Italy, and work & study programs in Canada, Australia, Bulgaria and the USA. We also offer statistical and data analysis services for students and professionals.

Omni Point Consulting is affiliated with J-1 Visa Sponsors, as designated by the US Department of State. Omni Point Consulting is partnered with some of the finest educational institutions in Toronto, Vancouver, and other major cities in Canada. We are also established with J-1 visa sponsors with a track record of sponsoring interns and trainees in the U.S., Spain and Italy. We place interns in some of the finest hotels in the world, such as Hyatt Regency, Marriott, Sheraton, Hilton, Loews, Omni Hotel, and others.

Please browse our program offerings in the USA, Spain, Italy, Canada, Australia, Bulgaria by using the links above.

Why Choose Omni Point?

Omni Point Consulting has a track record of catering to the needs of students and graduates who wish to enhance their training and knowledge internationally.

  1. We provide hands on approach
  2. Fast processing time! Start on your internship as early as 2-3 months after you register with us
  3. We provide mock coaching and practice sessions before your interviews. Our current visa passing rate is 100%
  4. Competitive program fees with installment schemes for qualified applicants
  5. Free tax advise for availing of your tax refund in the USA